Maintenance Support

Providing detailed specifications and procurement capabilities as an extension to our clients’ service offerings…

Policy and strategy

Our tender management process is designed to incorporate your policies and strategies with our detailed specifications. Where client systems are unavailable, we can assist with the applicable generation.

Services include:

  • Detailed client brief and expectations case development
  • Client procurement and maintenance policy review and setting
  • FM delivery strategy considerations and suitable model selection
  • Development specific service strategy formulation
  • Budget review and service budget forecasts
  • TUPE evaluations and process setting
  • Tender documentation preparation for signoff
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Asset management | Maintenance

Asset management

BMCG works with our Clients closely from the onset to formulate management plans for each asset, property or portfolio to ensure the full asset lifecycle is developed, monitored and managed.

Services include:

  • Asset take-off, tagging and online schedule generation
  • Master asset schedules and systems sub-registers
  • UNICLASS, NRM or SFG20 classifications
  • Condition survey of initial stock and lifetime analysis
  • Asset management plan development to align with strategic objectives for each property
  • Capital plant replacement and disposal plans


Ensuring competitive rates from the market place is essential for every company, however it is equally important to know you have the correct service provider appointed that will compliment your business.

Services include:

  • Site reviews and asset schedule generation
  • Service provider pre-qualification and selection processes
  • Tender site surveys and process handling
  • Detailed tender evaluation reports and shortlisted service provider interviews
  • Tender awards and contract kick-off meetings
  • Post tender analysis and feedback into Clients knowledge management systems
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Contracts | Maintenance


Preparing and executing the correct contract from the onset ensures all parties procure, commence and manage the agreement in the right manner. BMCG is available to facilitate, support and mediate the full contract lifecycle.

Services include:

  • Unsuccessful tender notification
  • Final cost review and negotiation
  • Document preparation
  • Signature collation and final agreement distribution
  • Implementation plans and kick off meetings
  • Client and service provider contract interpretation and training
  • Contract renewal reminders, management, re-tendering or negotiation


Effective mobilisation is key to a contract’s success. Our experience with a wide range of contract types has equipped us to support both clients and service providers through the process.

Services include:

  • Mobilisation programme review and recommendations
  • Mobilisation audits at agreed milestones
  • Mobilisation status reporting and outstanding actions task management
  • Client / service provider meetings / guidance to assist with mobilisation issues
  • Mobilisation wrap-up meetings and contract ‘on-course’ signoff
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Performance | Maintenance


We can support you with your ongoing maintenance compliance management needs, offering you an unbiased and comprehensive service provider operation and maintenance review process.

Services include:

  • Scheduled performance reviews – operations and technical
  • KPI review and resetting
  • Detailed reporting and action plans
  • Actions close-out management
  • Service provider performance league tables
  • Self-auditing systems implementation
  • Staff and service provider performance monitoring / training


Effective contract performance review meetings support continuous improvement by providing the appropriate medium to discuss all aspects of the service delivery process in a formal setting, between all stakeholders.

Services include:

  • Agenda setting and meeting schedules
  • Performance review against objectives
  • Rolling action schedules management
  • Contract financial control and variations review
  • Impartial third party contractual dispute review and resolution
  • Progress and KPI status monitoring and feedback into client BI reporting systems
  • Site and management level reporting
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Cost control | Maintenance

Cost control

We provide our Clients feedback on cost proposals received from service providers to ensure the correct work is being done for the correct price and that value for money is being achieved on all accounts.

Services include:

  • Estimate review and cost evaluation
  • Client outcome review, value definition and process mapping
  • Supplier discussions and cost negotiations
  • Market analysis and client feedback services
  • Alternative option reviews and recommendations
  • Contract review against comprehensive clauses

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